A tempo di record, Arene Meranti assegnate! Ma Gareth è instancabile, basta chiedere… #PlaySubbuteo #Subbuteo @flickforkicks

Wow, tutto già esaurito in poche ore… Chi ha acquistato mi creda, ha fatto un ottimo affare!


All gone. We will honour free pitch personalisation on ALL 5aside arenas ordered by Fri 15th May. No code needed. We also make them like this…

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Le meravigliose tavole di Gareth in offerta speciale ed in pronta consegna #PlaySubbuteo #Subbuteo @flickforkicks

Per i miei amici e conoscenti interessati (so che ce ne sono due o tre tra i lettori di questo blog) leggete qui! Tavolo già pronto, basta scegliere il colore, e personalizzazione gratuita.

GOOD NEWS if you fancy a lovely handmade 5aside arena for lockdown #subbuteo We now have 3 x MERANTI arenas made – just choose a pitch colour. AND as a thanks for supporting our wee business, I’ll personalise the name on the pitch for free

Faccina che sorride con occhi sorridenti

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Subbuteo Cup 2020 #PlaySubbuteo #Subbuteo

This is a highlight video of the Subbuteo Cup 2020 first round tie battle between Manchester United and Aberdeen. Sir Alex takes charge of both teams as they face-off to reach the next round. The game was played as a 7-a-side solo match by me (Gareth Christie – FlickForKicks Designer Maker) while alone in lockdown. I’ve been a club and tournament player since 1989 and haven’t played solo since I was a kid when I first caught the Subbuteo bug. This was a brilliant reminder of why I fell in love with the game in the first place. Great to play for fun and be a bit daft. I decided to play rules close to the original Subbuteo rules, with block flicks, and each team would be controlled with opposite hands, switching at half time. I also used original Subbuteo lightweights, which are pretty awful for shooting with any power, but good for a challenge. Game time was 10 minutes each half. I’ve speeded the game, but will upload the full game if there’s interest. The Subbuteo Cup 2020 is a collaborative fun competition played either solo or with family at home, during the COVID-19 lockdown. 64 teams, 32 players in a straight knockout tournament. This was the brain-child of Stephen Hurrell, the man behind the superb Subbuteo Online blog, with support from Stewart of Subbuteo Collector and his brilliant youtube channel, and James from Sporting Loft, an ace blog about sports toys and games. And let’s no forget the fantastic Subbuteo Revival Group run by Chris Burford. Huge thanks to these guys for their efforts.

Subbuteo Match for Zac Attack!!! #PlaySubbuteo #Subbuteo

No, non si tratta di me, Zac in questo caso non è una abbreviazione di Zacchi, ma trattasi della Zac Arena, realizzata da Gareth Christie della FlickForKicks per un suo cliente, dove ieri lo Zac Attack Team ha sfidato gli spagnoli del Real Zaragoza!!!

Il tutto come sempre all’insegna del massimo dei divertimento, facilitato dalle tavole per il Table Soccer 5vs5 di FlickForKicks!

ZacAtletico Arena! By FlickForKicks #PlaySubbuteo #Subbuteo

Presents: Gareth Christie!

A Personalised Indoor Arena with custom teams and personalised packaging. ‘Zacletico Arena’ is the home of ‘Zac Attack F.C.’ a fantasy team Zac’s Dad made up for him.


Stuart G wins all of the ‘Dad points’ for the personalised 5aside arena and custom team sets we made for his son’s birthday. The Chelsea fan sent me designs for ‘Zac Attack F.C.’ home and away kits, along with some phrases for the arena walls of ‘Zacletico Arena’. Brilliant!

I then mocked up the design, in Chelsea blue of course, and once it was all agreed, we made the arena and packaging, while Ric at Shoot First Subbuteo smashed the hand-painting!

Zac is still quite young for Subbuteo, but Dad is making sure the arena is well used in the meantime 😏😁

Set includes:

  • Handmade FlickForKicks Indoor Arena
  • Personalised arena graphics
  • Personalised pitch printing
  • Custom 5-a-side SuperFooty teams
  • Personalised team packaging
  • Top Spin Balls