Presents: Gareth Christie!

A Personalised Indoor Arena with custom teams and personalised packaging. ‘Zacletico Arena’ is the home of ‘Zac Attack F.C.’ a fantasy team Zac’s Dad made up for him.


Stuart G wins all of the ‘Dad points’ for the personalised 5aside arena and custom team sets we made for his son’s birthday. The Chelsea fan sent me designs for ‘Zac Attack F.C.’ home and away kits, along with some phrases for the arena walls of ‘Zacletico Arena’. Brilliant!

I then mocked up the design, in Chelsea blue of course, and once it was all agreed, we made the arena and packaging, while Ric at Shoot First Subbuteo smashed the hand-painting!

Zac is still quite young for Subbuteo, but Dad is making sure the arena is well used in the meantime 😏😁

Set includes:

  • Handmade FlickForKicks Indoor Arena
  • Personalised arena graphics
  • Personalised pitch printing
  • Custom 5-a-side SuperFooty teams
  • Personalised team packaging
  • Top Spin Balls