Sono soprannominati gli “Incantatori Neri” (Mustat hurmurit / Black charmers) dal 1930, da quando sono state introdotte le maglie nere.

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Kronohagens Idrottsförening (abbreviated KIF or Kiffen) (English: Kruununhaka Sports Association) is a sports club from Helsinki, Finland. The club was founded on 27 September 1908, and has been mainly known for the achievements of its association football and handball teams. In the past the club also played at the top level in ice hockey and has won the Kalevan maljan (Kaleva Cup) in athletics. Other sports that the club participates include shooting, bandy, bowling and boxing. The men’s football team is historically one of the most successful teams in Finland, and won the national football championship on three occasions during the 1910s, but currently plays in the Kakkonen (Second Division), the third tier of Finnish football. The football section of Kronohagens Idrottsforening is now known as FC Kiffen 08.

(fonte: Wikipedia)