Questa squadra esiste ancora, e gioca ancora con un completo blu. Mi sono autoprodotto questa ref. in versione HW ridipingendo dove occorreva una ref. 42 Zeugo (Chelsea) in sovrannumero…

Ref. 117, foto Focus On
Ref. 117, foto Rosten

Hellenic FC is a South African association football club based in Cape Town. They were nicknamed The Greek Gods. Established in 1958 by Greek South Africans, Hellenic campaigned in the lower amateur leagues of Cape Town. But by the 1970s they were one of the most attractive teams in the county and regularly pulled in crowds of more than 20,000. They played in the final of the Castle Cup in 1976, losing 2–0 to Cape Town City.

In early 2004, the club’s franchise was sold by the Greek owners to the Ndlovu family who renamed it Premier United and moved it to Benoni, Gauteng. In 2011, the Hellenic franchise took over the former Blaauwberg City FC, under the management of Mark Byrne. Byrne is looking to revive the quality of the 1970s, to become one of the best youth developments in the country. In 2013, the club acquired a SAB League franchise (South African 4th Division). In August 2016, the club announced that they had sold their SAFA Second Division franchise license to “ensure that we grow from strength to strength in achieving our aim to be the number one youth structure in Cape Town.”

(foto: Wikipedia)

Hellenic FC di oggi, settore giovanile